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Explore Aruba on a Scooter/Moped or Buggy. Why walk or take a cab when you can ride our vehicles and discover the Happy Island of Aruba in a FUN and Exciting way. Renting a scooter or a trail-buggy is the perfect way to enjoy the island! And HS Rentals offers you the best deals on scooter and buggy rentals. You can go to popular sites like– Eagle Beach, Arashi beach, the  butterfly farm, stores in downtown Aruba, local restaurants, the I Love  Aruba sign, Boca catalina, Palm Beach, the California Light House, and the Arikok National park.

Rental Rates

To check for availability please send us an e-mail with your contact info and desire rental dates.

Half-day (4 hours) - 50cc scooter - 25 USD

Full-day (8 hours) or overnight* - 50cc scooter - 30 USD

Half-day (4 hours) - 150cc scooter- 30 USD
Full-day (8 hours) or overnight* - 150cc scooter- 40 USD

*In order to do overnight rental your accommodation must have secure closed/gated parking.

Half-day(4 hours)-(Street Legal)Trail-Buggy/ATV - 80 USD 

Full-day(8 hours)-(Street Legal)Trail-Buggy/ATV - 120 USD

*You can add a windshield to the buggy for an extra 10 USD

No over-night rental

Please be advised that a security deposit ($100+) will be required at the beginning of the rental.  *The security deposit will be given back at the end of the rental provided there are no damages to the vehicle. 


Important information: 

- Valid driver license required

- Minimum age 18 years old 

- Gas is not included

(+297) 740 -2964 (WhatsApp Available) hsmotorcycles2016@gmail.com 

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